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As the Work-from-Anywhere environment continues to evolve, it has given rise to a new persona: The Super Malicious Insider. One with superior technical skills, in-depth knowledge of common insider threat detection techniques, and the opportunity to cause serious damage to your organization.

Here is the fact: when you combine the incidents involving malicious and inadvertent insiders, you will see that they are dwarfing any other computer security threat that your company faces. Among 874 incidents, as reported by companies to the Ponemon Institute for its recent 2016 Cost of Insider Threats Study,.

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Mar 30, 2022 · Organizations that haven’t fully adopted the least-privilege principle will grant applications open network access. This access is often at least open east-west (within its own data center) with fully outbound Internet access. This means a malicious insider application is at liberty to attack adjacent services and then exfiltrate the stolen data..

Boeing is a veteran aerospace company that experienced one of the longest insider threat attacks. During the span of several decades, from 1979 and until 2006 when the insider threat was caught, the perpetrator stole information from Boeing and Rockwell. The insider threat, in this case, was a Boeing employee. However, the real employer of this.

Working in the company's IT department, the malicious insider behind the Desjardins Group breach already had some level of privileged access and it's likely that this is what he abused to access member's personally-identifiable information (PII). What's not as clear is why this activity wasn't detected earlier.

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